Friday, April 25, 2014

Finally, about some cats

Ashley and Sydney
Almost four years ago when my middle child moved away to college some four hours or so from us, we knew she'd miss our menagerie of animals - especially her favourite cat Sydney. So I decided I'd try and send her a picture of one or more of them as close to daily as I could manage.

Ashley will graduate in a just over two weeks and the count of "Puss of the Day" (POTD) pictures - which includes a dog
- is nearing or may have surpassed 800. In that time there has been no net change in the clowder but there have been changes in the personnel (or felinenel) as two have shuffled off this mortal coil, three new ones joined us, and one of those
Scruffy 2000-2014

Simpson (aka Duddles) 2003-2012
taken when our eldest moved to her own apartment.

I created a photostream on Flickr with most of the POTD album to place them somewhere off premises (and camera) just in case.

Our other two children joined in on getting POTD updates but with our youngest in his junior year the end may be nearing for this ritual. However, Ashley has indicated she'd like to return to Australia and do her Masters over there so may be the animals aren't safe from the camera just yet. 

Raj and Mr Boodle



The Muffin

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